The Purpose of the Ota Brand

The Ota Brand draws on individuals’ unique skills to generate new value.

Ota Brand Promotion Association

The Ota Brand Promotion Association was established by the Ota Industrial Association, the Ota Chapter of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization.
Ota Brand advertisement activities are ongoing both throughout Japan and internationally.

A professional network to meet the exacting demands of industrial craftsmanship

Ota City takes great pride in its eminent, world-class industrial base. All enterprises work hard to contribute to an advanced network involving various forms of technology and skill. Difficult problems are regularly solved through dedicated teamwork undertaken by numerous professionals.

Features of the Ota Brand

Quality of Creation Solution Challenge

The power to create form for ideas

Precision, complex processing, prototype production, creation of specialized products, the ability to execute small-quantity orders, rapid delivery...
The advanced technology that supports industry in Ota City represents "the power to make things happen.”
A high level of technical power
Specialists in complicated processing
Specialists in prototypes and development
Short delivery times

The power to find solutions through networking

Craftsmen in different fields work together and complex, difficult technological issues can be resolved promptly because of the cooperation that underlies the Ota Brand.
Inter-enterprise networking
The bonds between enterprises

Spirit as the source of quality

Ota Brand enterprises tackle each challenge with passion. Each person approaches his or her work with sincerity and dedication, always aiming at the highest quality.
A passion for industrial craftsmanship
The craftsman’s spirit

Ota Brand identity

Brand Concept

The enterprises in Ota City continue to strive to enhance the accumulation of manufacturing expertise and carry on their dedication to craftsmanship.

Brand Mark

“Only Ota Quality” refers to a level of quality only achievable here in Ota City. This meaning is embedded in the motif with its stylized “OOQ” logo.
The rounded repetition in OOQ expresses reciprocal linkage.
The blue in the mark expresses “OTA Quality,” while the orange expresses adamant dedication to craftsmanship.

Brand Mottos

Craftsmen of the Future Exacting Work

The phrases “Craftsmen of the Future” and “Exacting Work” allude to registered Ota Brand enterprises well as the industrial craftsmanship of each worker.
Not content with the status quo, these dedicated craftsmen are constantly striving to further enhance their high degree of technical skill. Drawing on conviction and well-earned pride, we continue to pursue solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers with a strategy that encompasses both tradition and innovation.

Brand Message

Under the watchword “Only Ota Quality,” we shall engage in craftsmanship we can be proud of worldwide.

Membership Number

Ota Brand registered enterprises have membership numbers.